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  1. dreadful "Connection Timed Out"

    Thank you very much for your help Crise!
  2. dreadful "Connection Timed Out"

    Thanks Crise, I did not mess with security option and i haven't tried the UPnP option (need to read more about that) I reverted back to for Bind address, and left WAN blank. thanks for that info. You guided in the right direction! i tried connecting to my server using another computer from a different location (different consumer-grade router). It seems to have worked just fine. My original tester is behind a corporate firewall which is probably blocking the dc traffic all together (in and out). I will have to go through the logs. Side questions * How would i ensure/enforce the traffic between my clients to be encrypted? Upon connecting, on the bottom right i see "DHE-RSA-AES128-SHA". I assume this is client to hub status. After downloading a test file from one of the users, the "cipher" stated AES128, which I assume signifies encrypted traffic, is that correct? * In the early stages of my setup I was using StongDC to test connectivity and it had "DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA" on the bottom right upon connection. Is ApexDC's standard - AES128? Is there a way to bump that up. Would it matter? Many thanks for your time!
  3. dreadful "Connection Timed Out"

    Hello, I've setup ADCH++ hub for my private use. TLS is enabled so I connect to it using adcs:// I am able to connect to my hub from inside and outside of my network. However, when i try to "Browse file list" a user, i get "Connecting..." and then "Connection timed out". What i've tried: * selected internal ip under "Bind address" * selected "Firewall with manual port forwarding" * specified public IP under "External / WAN IP" * specified custom port for TCP/UDP and a separate port for TLS. Not sure what the DHT/UDP is for so i left it alone). * forwarded these ports on my firewall (both: external location(work) and internal (home)) * tried adding above ports to Windows 7 firewall / disabled Windows 7 firewall entirely any idea? is there a log file where i can further troubleshoot the issue? I feel like i've exhausted all usual workaround and still no luck? Hoping its something silly:) Thank you!