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  1. torrentbest liked a post in a topic by Lee in Happy New Year and 1.5.9 celebrations   
    Happy New Year everyone! 
    We have published a maintenance release for immediate download. 1.5.9 provides bug fixes, updates the compiler to Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 and introduces some new userlist icons pictured below. You can check out the full changelog here.

    Fun fact: we have recently hit 2000 revisions in our SVN and are about to reach our 8 year Anniversary!
    Download: ApexDC++ 1.5.9
  2. torrentbest liked a post in a topic by Lee in Vote for ApexDC on ADCPortal!   
    ADCPortal have started their annual voting of the ADC Client Application 2010. ApexDC++ has been nominated due to adopting the ADC protocol (Advanced Direct Connect) and utilising features such as transfer encryption - providing more security for your DC++ habits.

    Voting is registration only, but it only takes a minute! Use this page to help you out with the registration questions.


    Drop by our forums and let us know you supported us. :)