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  1. blog 2.0 Development: Mac OS X

    Hi! Find You over internet browsing, searching for working DC client. For now i'm using EiskaltDC++, but not satisfied. I own a few Macs MBPpro 2008, MBPro 2011, imac 2010(which i use as a server and main DC client), MBAir 2008, MacBook Black 2007, MBAir 2011. Also have acess to newest models on my work. So, i can help testing on different hardware and versions of MacOS, examine stability. And of course I can help You to test (or create, if You don't have) a ru localization. I believe You can create Best-in-a-World DC client and i can help You in it by giving very usefull feedback. Invite me, and i'll begin to work immediately.