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  1. Hi friends, I run a file sharing hub on my university residence's LAN network, which runs mostly quite well, except that some users, including myself, fail to connect to any online users, when in active mode. This is probably a problem for everyone else because they're behind routers and they haven't opened up the hub's port (411) on their respective routers, but as operator of the DC hub, the problem is a little different for me. My network is set up as follows: Wall port ___> [Ethernet cable] ___> Belkin router (F9K1002 v3) ~~~ [Wi-Fi] ~~~ My PC ( ___> [Ethernet cable] ___> PC running Ynhub ( In order to connect users, naturally, I had to open up port 411 to, but my personal computer is left having to survive in passive mode, because, as I have come to discover, it is logically impossible to forward a port to two private IP addresses on the same internal network. So then, how do I activate active mode for my PC? My guess is that I need to reconfigure the entire set-up somehow, but my research hasn't yet revealed a clear solution. Thus I am here! Any help would be greatly appreciated!