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  1. Website updates

    I really like the new forum header and the style, great job guys! (I'd really like to learn how to make bars like the ones this forum is using, the gloss I mean).
  2. A bigger chat message box

    This is from my IM client Miranda, I'd like it a bit in that way:
  3. A bigger chat message box

    I'd like to see a bigger chat message box in ApexDC then PeerWeb DC has. Already more than once I accidentally pasted multiple times in the box without noticing and a bigger or at least a resizing feature for that box would be great Thanks
  4. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    My new date is: 15th April ;)
  5. PeerWeb DC++ downloads

    I already got it using Shareaza :)
  6. Welcome to ApexDC++

    I like the forum style, nice job. Maybe I'll try the client when it comes out :D