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  1. connect over lan

    Hi there, I've just started using apexDC++ in combination with ybhub. I've got the hub running on one pc (1) with apexdc++, and another pc (2) in my network with just apexdc++. With pc 1 I can download from other hubs and all, so the settings should be ok. Other people from outside my lan can download from pc 1. I havent done any port forwarding except for the hub. If I use the same settings on pc 2 to connect to pc 1 over lan it gives me an error: Your direct connect client has supplied an invalid IP address in a connection request (client sent, you have yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy), which should be solved when I use the yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy as my external/wan ip (right?). So I had my external ip in the external ip field, but now it tells me to use If i do so, I still cant connect. It just tries to connect and times out. I cant connect to people outside my lan either. Also, I havent forwarded any ports for pc 2. Haven't found my solution, is there any? Thanks.