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  1. Hey, So i go to a lan regularly and they use LanDC++ & apexdc, which is an old version that doesn't hash. But the client is really bad and full of bugs (It crashes when you open the download queue), is there anyway i can download files from that client from apexdc++? at the moment it won't download anything? Half the LAN is split between not wanting to Hash their data and using LanDC++, and wanting to Hash their data and use ApexDC++ for multiple sourcing and increasing the speed of everyone in the hub. I think this is the version of LanDC++ (++ V:0.694,M:A,H:1/0/0,s:3) Any help would be appreciated
  2. Ok, So when i hashed my file list (34.2TB) it took like 4-5 days. At the moment it only hashes one file at a time, there needs to be an option to hash each volume simultaneously. For Example, i have 6x RAID 0 Arrays in my file server. They're different sizes and speeds but most average 200-350Mbps. At the moment it hashes one file at a time on my server at 200-250Mbps, if it were to hash multiple volumes at once, it could hash each volume at 200-250mb/s and would reduce hashing time by heaps. ----- I do a lot of LANs, and the main problem with my file server is that if too many poeple leech from one array/HDD, everyone leeching from that array gets bad speeds. Network traffic isn't an issue at our LAN because we have a 10Gbe core switch, and 10Gbe Nics. There should be an option to set a maximum amount of upload slots per volume/HDD. Example, each HDD has 3 upload slots, meaning that users can get maximum speeds, if anymore then 4 people leech from the same Volume/HDD speeds drop down to about 5-15Mbps for each user.