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  1. Verbose debug log

    I think that verbose log file could be a useful feature. Optional of course. Today Apex DC is a blackblackblackbox. This log should contain info that may be helpful to diagnose: - connection problems - other common problems Imagine scenario: -User X can't download anything from hub AAA -She describes her problem on forum -Expirienced user Z asks her to attach piece of verbose log file to the topic -User Z examines the contens of log -User Z gives detailed recommendations to User X Scenario 2: - I see that user X can't download file from me - I examine contens of verbose log and see what happened - I write to user X some recommendations (or change some settings in my Apex DC)
  2. my feature requests

    You can implement this feature on client side! Apex DC can store message locally and periodically try to send it.