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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!
  2. Slow Multi

    Topic was die...
  3. Slow Multi

    Yes, yes, yes. This is it, that I also had in view of. It can be realized? Да, да, да. Вот, это я и имел ввиду. Это можно реализовать?
  4. Slow Multi

    Да. А если все юзеры оказались медленными (например по 50 кб/с)? Качать можно же. Но с пользователями по 1Мб/с будут тогда тормоза.
  5. Slow Multi

    А этот Super-Seeding где то включается/выключается? Я спрашиваю, потому что у меня как раз другая проблема, пользователи не "отпадают", и получается, что файл качается медленнее, чем если бы качалось только с одного, но быстрого пользователя.
  6. Slow Multi

    No. Most of users use PeerWeb and DC++. (but change its to Apex more and more ) How their clients can influence to my download process? Really! It's a variant. Or can be probably realize what it was downloaded from users by parts, which sizes correspond as speed?
  7. Slow Multi

    Wow! First time someboby has answered to me on foreign (for me) forum on Russian lang About speed... No. All users are users of provider net. Simply it is bug of the net. Besides some users set limit on tranfer speed. Speed is not problem. Problem: if I shall download from one user, with speed 1Mbs, I shall download from him faster than, for example, from two users, if conneting with one has speed 50 kbs and with another - 1Mbs.
  8. Slow Multi

    Sorry, I didn't understand question. I use Apex client in net of our internet-provider and speeds of downloads between the users can very strongly differ.
  9. Slow Multi

    Hello. I poorly know English, so I ask beforehand to excuse for a spelling. I have a question about segmented downloading (multidownloading). At download time, if the file is loading from the several users, there is it so (at any rate for me): all allocated part till 6 MB and while everyone not load own part, others do not receive the following parts. In the total those, from whom loads with speed 1-2Мb/sec, already have downloaded and wait for those, from whom loads with speed 200-300Кb/sec. Total all superiority of multidownload is lost. Whether it is possible to make so, what " faster users " would not wait for "slower"?