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  1. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    Please include a new feature about suppporting 255+ characters (includes file path) hashing! Right now i have a bunch of files that are affected, I get this: "file not found" even tough it is completely visible and usable in any file manager or by any program. I also know a client that supports it but since i want to stay with apex, I reallywould like to have this solved. http://www.airdcpp.n...c.php?f=6&t=624 <--- this is the topic that explains the problem (and they also fixed it) (tried airDC, well Apex is way better also in visibility and speed... not to mention the upload limit part, because airDC does not even HAVE that feature!) what a bummer... So if this hash issue could be solved, Apex would be THE client for me! (and maybe if the memory usage would be more conservative but i can live with that)