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  1. AndroidDC

    OK I'm still using the app. IS there likely to be any more discussion here of it? Or anywhere else?
  2. AndroidDC

    OK - I downloaded the app (first one I have paid for!) and it is working! I got on my favorite hub and it seems to work pretty well. I am wondering if there will be any updates to allow changing appearance, e.g. font size and screen color? I might go blind looking at it.... Thanks!
  3. AndroidDC

    Total newbie here. Trying out a droid phone 2nd hand possibly to buy. Can I use the htc os (2.1) or would it need to be a rooted phone? Where can I find it to try hubs on it? Anyone know of any live chat regarding droid os in general? Thanks...
  4. Disconnect message

    I'm not in any others - I should try that - also, just lately, I'm getting this one: "Your client sends a wrong IP, make sure you have set your IP correctly in your client's settings: " - but the ip it shows is in fact my ip, and clicking the "get ip" in settings confirms that
  5. Disconnect message

    I am logged into only one hub. I frequently get this message: [10:05:29] *** An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine. Apex cycles thru the auto-reconnect process and everything is fine for a while, then this happens again. I notice that downloads or uploads keep running during those cycles. Any ideas what it means and why it's doing it? thanks