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  1. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    hopefully as soon as possible
  2. neXTDC++ and ApexDC++

    wat was the point of neXT++ you never even did anything with it am i right the forum was up for about a month then you made ApexDC++ and about a month after that you closed that forum. you never even made a home page for neXT++ so wats the point of even talking about it now or even creating it for that mader seince you trashed it befor you did anything with it anyway i'm just kind of repeating myself arnt I.
  3. Welcome to ApexDC++

    is it me or are we just confusing ourselves here?
  4. Welcome to ApexDC++

    you know it would be nice if you could atleast come out with a small beta wile we wate so we know wat to expect when RC11 comes out and the real project starts you know?