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  1. Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I will play with that and see what happens. Never thought of the one way only, UDP approach. Makes sense seeing how the client is ported.
  2. TO Mek; No sure that's what he meant but a cool trick! hehe TO Mek; I think what he wanted is what I am wondering about. Which is: 2 nicks; 2 computers; 1 lan; 1 DC++ hub. There are a bunch that let me in twice with diff. nicks. What my problem is that when the client does it's own searching for matches, it sometimes finds MY "other" nick, puts me in queue and then attempts to download. (which I know is already weird seeing as the client should not be dowloading doubles....) How do I avoid seeing my other Nick/profile/computer etc.. to or from my two clients? One thought I had was to ban the other clients local (192.168.2.X) IP in "PeerBlock". Not sure what might happen? lol Any ideas on those 2 things? Thanks in advance....
  3. Ports stuck open

    Ok, thats good. I put the range for my ISP (traffic shaping?) and other port assaults. Changing it now and then keeps PeerBlock quiet... Ya, this is all a big mystery for me... My network was stable and Apex was running great for the first 2 days, then these connection probs. Do you think or has there been much testing of Apex on Server 2008 R2? Is it considered simply win7 ult.?
  4. Ports stuck open

    The included pic is of my current port config. I assume giving a range is ok. But are 4 ports necessary? Better/worse? Or is this why the 'DHT/UDP' port stays open?
  5. Ports stuck open

    Haha, that's the thing. All 4 ports forwarded. I even tried setting router up w ranges to make it easier. Still open sometimes. The default lease time for UDP ports (for me) is 5min. I tried 2.5min->75seconds just to see if that would help...lol Bahh The problem with resolving user IP's is still a there. Likely/maybe it has nothing to do w the CSV file. Maybe it just looks that way? The CSV can (prob.?) only work with an IP present, correct? Makes sense that I can't DL from a user if for some reason I can't get there IP to show. Therefor, no flags. Correct? As for the DNS issues, I've tried the Dyn-DNS trick instead of entering an actual 'outside' ip addy..... it works ok I guess. I get a new router/modem on Saturday so we'll see. meh...! >>>>whisper<<<< uTorrent & jDownloader still work fine. So my machine(s) must be ok. But w DC++ you get the community aspect that's so cool. ;-) Thanks for the help so far and if you think of anything else....
  6. Ports stuck open

    Yes, possible. Been having multiple issues. DNS probs w my R2 machine, I think my router is about fried and when I start Apex, half the time I get an error stating that it can't reach "The Server" (?) and shuts down Apex when I click ok on it? Also, I have a ton of "time-outs" & "all download slots taken" in download queue. Haven't seen too many of those before....hmm On top of that, I'm pretty new to this protocol...lol One more.. I don't think that the GeoIp is resolving properly. Up until a day or so I could see all flags and IP's in DL-Q.. Now, only about 25% and I only seem to be able to up/download from those users..... Seems fishy?
  7. Ports stuck open

    Ya, that was my first thought as well. Unfortunately Apex is dead and gone 5-10 minutes sometimes and I still get an error message the next time I start Apex up stating that a UDP port is open and will effect performance. I test by trying to search and it's right, no results, the ports open... I think it''s the DHT/UDP port. Even my regular hubs think that I am still logged on and tell me to pick a different Nick....lol I've tried all kinds. Setting up port ranges instead so I can switch them while in the client to avoid having to reboot my router every time I launch Apex. (Did I mention it's Apex v. X64)
  8. Ports stuck open

    I've been having this recurring issue after one of Apex's famous 'crashes'. This is over multi platform, multi version. After, there are always ports left open. Usually one of the UDP ports. Still happening with the latest Beta vers. Not at all sure how to approach this. Setting in Apex? Router? Help please
  9. Action & Raw

    Huh? lol Is there an English version of this thread? Pls/Tnx