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    PHP, MySQL, C#/C++, Ajax
  1. ApexDC++ Linux development

    The only thing i'm good for with C#/C++ is debuging I'm good with PHP/MySQL, so sorry for that Anyway, if someone need a debuger under linux, i'm here ;)
  2. Compiling ApexDC++

    Trying to compile but I'm using VS8 Pro upgraded to SP1 (errors due to SP1? )
  3. Message Filtering feature

    Hi, I would like a message filtering for private messages due to some messages (adult finders and things like those), those are annoing so a filter to block messages containing words/links that you set in a filter list would be a good feature, I saw the ignore user feature but that one isn't enough and not every hub have scripts or something to block that. Sorry for the short message but i think everyone can understand what i mean :ermm: