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    Alighty, so thanks very much for all the comments and observations, there incredibly helpful. Ive started working on implementing the ability to click URL's but ive run into a bit of a wall with how android handles click events so right now the scroll view is getting the touch event not the Clickable span meaning its not actually opening the browser even though the text is able to be clicked . In regards to the app auto closeing, a friend of mine had that problem but we discovered that it was because he had put it on his auto close list or something. Beyond that i dont know why it would close beyond maybe android thinks its not doing anything? *Shrug*. "I'd say "Close" or "Close Tab"", haha its funny you should say that, id originally had it as "close tab" but the feed back id got was that "close hub" was better. I'll probbaly put it back to close tab as i think thats better. Of the sound or vibration when a PM is recieved, yeap thats a great idea and ill work on adding that soon. I havnt done any work with notifications yet so ill have to hack some code up and see what i can do but it shouldn't be too hard one would imagine. Thanks for all the comments guys, its helping me make this alot better. Unfortunalty ive got some pretty busy days coming up so i might not get much work done but hopefully ill get some free time this weekend to get back into a full coding cycle (MOUNTAIN DEW REQUIRED!!!!)
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    OK here you go: Thats a debug build which you'll just have to put on an SD card or bluetooth to you phone then install. Ive intentionally limited this version it to only 1 active hub at a time as a partial security measure to make sure that this version doesnt just get used alot instead of people using the official version, sorry about that. But it gives you all the functionality that the normal one does. Its also limited to 2 max favourite hubs aswell for the same reason. Hopefully you will be able to see all the functionality in the program. Ive basially built up the main connection part of it by rewriting a distributed hub i wrote (trying to make a p2p DC++ server of sorts) and then made the gui on top of that. Its got quite a few little niggles here and there but in general it works well and it shouldn't crash... hopefully . The actual chat part of the program is complete as it supports all the main chat and private message features except UserCommands which is on my todo list. As i said im currently working on getting file trasfers to work but its a slow process as i dont actually own an android phone and the emulator has issues with incoming connections. Hence i have to borrow my flatmates phone (a brilliant HTC Desire HD), which i can only do once or twice a week if that. But i should get it working in a week or a few, or atleast thats the plan. Anywho, please feel free to test out the above version asmuch as you like, and if you find any bugs then id really like to see the error log as most of the people who have brought it and find that it crashes are just telling me it crashes but dont send me an error log hence i cant really do much about it . Lastly id ask that if you do test out the version above and find that you like it then its available on the App Store for... i think about USD$1 so its a small price to pay for DC on your phone. Thanks for taking an interest in this slightly strange project.
  3. AndroidDC

    Hey guys, sorry for not replying sooner, theres been a large anime/geek convention over here in Christchurch so ive been busy helping organise and run a booth there. For those that have PM'ed me asking for a version i'll send you one soon, there some new bugs that ive got to sort out and i've just managed to get it downloading file lists but its got ALOT of bugs in that so ill disable that right now. Thanks for showing an interest in it, theres still along way to go before its any where close to something like apex
  4. AndroidDC

    Hey guys, not quite sure this is the right place to put this or if im allowed to even put this here but hey, may as well try. So I've made an app for android phones (all phones 1.6 and up) that currently allows you to connect to multiple DC hubs and chat on them. Currently it only supports chat but im working on adding features and my goal is to have it support file transfers in the near future. Its available on the android market for a very small fee as AndroidDC. Ive seen a few people around asking about android/iphone DC clients and i couldnt find one on the app store so i made one and hopefully it can help a few people round here. If your interested in giving it a try im more then happy to give out a few copys for free since at this stage id rather see what people think of it then try and make some money off of it. Lastly a special thanks to mappy for listening to my stupid question. PS, this currently only supports NMDC hubs, not the more recent ADC hubs.