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  1. DC Public Hublists : Apex vs. Standard DC++

    A hublist I have been running for many years, is blocked for some reason. I can get it to load fine using the alternative address of .. but the main address, just gives the message "hublist is temporarily blacklisted for spamming." How long is temporary? And Huh? Spamming where? and what? The several other links all get to it okay. I think maybe someone has blocked a similar address..maybe without the NZ on it? Be nice to get it sorted at long last. Any ideas anyone?
  2. Best Anti-Virus solution

    Hi Zeb Yes, I too run multiple antivirus, but only two. Avast and Adaware. Both paid pro versions. They seem to co-exist happily and one catches some things the other doesn't. Any more would be overkill I think. A full rescan of all drives by both progs at least once a month just to be sure. I have tried other programs, but some conflict with each other and with firewalls. Note that while Adaware free does a good job, you get what you pay for. The full version gives pretty much total antivirus coverage - not just ads/spam. When it comes to security, don't be stingy. It could cost you everything, trying to save a buck.
  3. How to upgrade ApexDC++ without losing data

    I'm just testing update. Other than losing my nick in favs, no problems so far. Just copy over the favouites.xml file from a backup, or other hub, and paste over. Edit.: Losing the nicks was found to be NOT an Apex problem, but one caused by copying over the Favourites.xml file from another client, which apparently stored Nicks elsewhere. So check before copying, if not copying an Apex file.
  4. Additional hublists

    You might add All lists have the same content. Add .bz2 on the end for a compressed version. If already using a entry, just add .nz to the url as below. If running a hub, (or a hublist) you can add them at This site has been around a long time - since first started crashing. It was originally just a txt file, intended for NZ only hubs. It's sorta expanded a little. Edit. Wups. For some reason this hublist site always gives a "Temporarily blacklisted for spamming" message. I have no idea why. However you can get it using or bz2.