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  1. Migrating Apex to a New Computer

    Something is screwy with my install or I just don't understand it. I do not see dcplusplus.xml or hashdata in my settings dir in the dir that I installed Apex to. However when I look under Application Data\ApexDC++ I see those files. How do I figure out which directory contains the settings my install is using? It looks like my settings may be spread across 2 directories.
  2. Migrating Apex to a New Computer

    Thanks Lee.
  3. I've been running Apex for quite a while on my current computer. I just built a new one and I want to migrate my current installation to my new computer. I'll be using new hard drives and new directory structures so I already know I have to rehash. However, I want to be able to move all my favorite hubs and users plus all of my passwords, descriptions, and any other settings I have. What is the best way to accomplish this? I saw a settings backup script by Kjarin(sp?). Should I use that? Should I just zip up my current installation directory and unzip it on the new computer? I had a major crash recently and had to reinstall Apex and my settings installed in my Apex directory not under Appdata. Thanks in advance!