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  1. Apex dc for android

    Apexdc The main purpose is filesharing, but I'm looking for an app that just lets me connect to chat. I've been a member of one hub for almost 10 years now, chatting daily with people who've become sort of an "internet family" to me. Was wondering if anyone knows of any apps (either in the marketplace, or elsewhere) for DC++ or DC? Any info/help is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Partition data rescue 2

    Often have formatted partition C thus lost addresses and all we have in the programapexdc + + though is the option to be installed on another partition than C: / main settings are saved in: C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Local Settings \Application. Data can be saved if the data on partition 2 would be great.Sorry for my English hardly speak the language. My language is Romanian.Thanks.