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  1. Apex 1.0.0 b4 "bug"

    I agree, it is a bug!. It completely ignores slow download disconnecting setting! I have a big problem with that because I have to read sources manualy very often. Very bad when downloading a lot of medium sizes files, you have to click and "read sources" on each file . . . Look at this! - SDD set to 1kb/s GK
  2. [Bug] 0.3.0 Window updates & Missing content

    The same problem for me, I am mostly on 6 hubs + download quee + 1 pm Hub content doesn't refresh - blank screen until you do something . . . Also when searching again in the same window, there is problem with previous content clearing for second GK
  3. [BUG][0.3.0] Readd sources

    I have the same problem ! (WIN XP SP2, AMD Athlon 64) Also web server is sometimes hard accesible (it need many refreshes) even network is set right and it is NOT due to overload . . .