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  1. Resuming incomplete files

    2 Dev any chance to automate it in new version?
  2. [REQ]Repair files

    Heh, not only I this wanted 1. 2004-08-21 2. 2004-11-30 3. 2006-12-14 please call attention
  3. [REQ]Repair files

    any news?
  4. [REQ]Repair files

    hey developers, do not wait while this realizes in StrongDC++
  5. [REQ]Repair files

    Ohh, i have forgotten, this too
  6. [REQ]Repair files

    When I start downloading file to the directory where there is a file with the same name, then ApexDC++ simply rewrite it. It would be better if it will compare TTH of such two files and act like this: 1. TTH1 = TTH2 -> stop downloading; 2. TTH1 != (a bit) TTH2 -> download corrupted parts; 3. TTH1 != (absolutely) TTH2 -> overwrite or delete file.