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  1. Opera 9.5 Beautifully Engineered

    For one out-of-box Opera is 10 times faster then out-of-box Firefox which really has nothing until you put like 20 extensions on it to get similar functionality, and then Firefox eats like 200MB of RAM, and takes forever to load. And what i really hate is everything i change in FF needs a restart. Just install both and compare. If you really prefer slow and IE like browsing, with some twisted over-extended functionality that you get with extensions that you use. Then by all means use it. For example the bugmenot extension for FF is really great, and saves you time when bypassing sites, but do you use that 100 times a day to make a difference? or do you just prefer your pages opened 10 times faster with Opera, couse this is what you will be doing most of the time and not bypassing sites? and also Opera has a bugmenot widget too. So compare again. This is my last post on this matter, couse this is yet again gonna go flame way.
  2. Opera 9.5 Beautifully Engineered

    Meh, skins are skins. I like it, its better then before thats for sure. And one of the things i reallly like is Dragonfly and startup time. Even IE7 and Safari are faster then FF, not to mention Opera beats them all. And everything else.. But its for you alone to judge. Ohh and by the way. Silverlight 2 works on Opera now. You will see ****loads of RIA's on MS platform out very soon.
  3. Opera 9.5 Beautifully Engineered

    For all you Opera users out there, check out the new version. Looks and feels even better then before. Opera 9.5 Beautifully Engineered Post your thoughts, on it. And dont forget to test Dragonfly. ;)
  4. Bypass UAC

    Ohh, so you dont want to bypass UAC at install. ok, i though apex behaves as it should. but then again i dont have UAC enabled.
  5. Bypass UAC

    What is the point of UAC in your system then? if you use almost all programs that bypass it. Why dont you just turn off UAC?!
  6. What do you download?

    Download virtually anything of interest. Total upload so far is 1.4TB and download 3.1TB. and i rotate that on 600GB space.
  7. Using temporary sparse files (on NTFS)

    Voted yes. If there is no technical difficulties why not?! uTorrent does not pre-allocate files by default (i think- myabe i just switched it off) and it works great. Sometimes i have like for instance 4GB free and i start downloading a 7GB game and are in a hurry or something, better to download 4GB while i return back to free more space then to not download at all. edit: maybe its not the same thing. maybe uTorrent does not use sparse files, but to turn off pre-allocation is a good enough feature to have.
  8. [1.0.0B5] Virtualisation mode on Vista

    I'm not going to imply on the level of your comprehension of Windows Vista, or any home based Windows, but its not logical to have such settings. Applications you install by default install to Program Files folder, its actually very recommended to install any programs there as it has custom security policy over any user created folder.
  9. Why forcing ApexDC++ update?

    Any -beta isn't for "production" use anyway. use at your own risk. - enforcing such rules shows professionalism towards making a good application.
  10. Default Search

    That would be very usefull and i think not too complex to implement. If not suggested and discarded before its a nice suggestion. :)
  11. Multiply Search

    So you would want to search for in example 30 items at once? Hubs only let you search once in some cases up to 300 seconds or even more. And yes we need to take into account public hubs. Besides on private hubs with no search intervals it will give a huge strain on hubsoftware.
  12. Search Problem on Windows Vista

    Ok, that can happen.. OR just enter two same ports in Apex. You choose.. :)
  13. Search Problem on Windows Vista

    Some Routers just have 1 field to enter a port number on TCP&UDP, as does mine so i need to have those same.
  14. Search Problem on Windows Vista

    TCP, UDP need to be same port number and also forwarded correctly. If you have dynamic IP, launch Apex got to conneciton settings and update IP, close Apex and open again then search is working. OR just get DyDNS or NO-IP account and add a static domain name to your dynamic IP, which will permanently fix your problem.
  15. I'm on the search for a new antivirus

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2007