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  1. Slow Multi

    I guess Apex should remember the fastest downloads (segments I mean) and allways try to d/l from the same "fast" users, that is, to give biigger priority to d/l segments over other users. And at the end, if still some segments are downloading slow, it should drop 'em and try to d/l from those users which had faster speeds. Not that I have idea how Apex could determine which is fast and which is slow ... maybe we have to decide it in the settings, this way it would be best. Me - I do it all manualy, just select the slow segment, and click on "close connection" or whatever it was; then Apex automatically selects another user, usualy with some better speed. zlobomir, is this "super-seeding"-like function working in v.3.0.0 or is it still beta ? And how exactly is it working ?
  2. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Yeah, I'd like to see @2 too It was there in my old client (rmDC) and it makes the things a lot easier, especially when I have to address s.o. in the main chat, and his nick is -=^$$*lookatmyprettynick*$$^=-. I'd rather type "lookat" and hit TAB (a few times if needed), than trying to find the "-=$$" sequence on my kbd ;)