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  1. I have a question: when in my system PeerGuardian is installed - does plugin in Apex work? After I've extracted the plugin to Program Files/ApexDC++/ and restart - options isn't enabled.
  2. Hacked Client: no lock & pk

    Yes, It's fixed in Apex 0.4, but not exactly When I reconnect too fast (although filelists of my users are checked), sometimes this bug apper again. Anyway - very thanks for fixies :)
  3. Hacked Client: no lock & pk

    This is a good news! Thanks for answer, I can't wait for a new version of Apex.
  4. User command list

    Thanks for reply and help :)
  5. User command list

    Hello again I have next question: where Apex stores user commands? My friedn and I want to have the same list :)
  6. Hacked Client: no lock & pk

    I'm using AML 2.3 and have steel this problem. When I am closing Apex and runing it again - everything is OK again, but when I'am reconnecting - everybody is "red" and use hacked client with reason "no lock & pk" bla bla...
  7. Hi Apex-Maniacs! I have a little problem with checking users from my hub. When I've download filelist from users, and get user response FIRST TIME - everyting is ok (tags from clients are OK). But when I reconnect from hub and get in again I have a mess -> "Hacked client" when checking the same users (and tags is different -> Tag: "Client: DC++ tag, no lock & pk /version of soft/). In my hub standard client is DC++ 0.689-0.698. What is wrong? With Apex 0.2.2 I didn't have this problem. Please, help. P.S. Sorry for my english :)