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  1. Hello I want to reinstall the OS, but before I want to save the Queue, the User and hub list. Please help me and tell what files I must save from Program files/Apex and replace after re-installation of new OS, so the Queue, User and Hub list will remain the same like before new OS installation. I have to mention that I use windows 7, and my Apex version is 1.4.3 Thank you very much Regards
  2. error: my favorite hub and user list has disappeard

    Thank you for your fast answer... And Happy hollydays Mery Christmas Regards
  3. error: my favorite hub and user list has disappeard

    You are loosing me... I'm a begginer and you terms are strange for me. Please explain: Where can I put the file whith favorites list in Program files to run automaticaly when I open Apex? Where it's place? (I have an old file of favorites saved long ago)
  4. Hello... I need your help, please In the first place I hope it's ok where I write now. I was looking for a similarly problem and nothing found. If not, I ask nice the administrators to move it, and don't remove it. So, my problem is that My favorite hub and user list has disappeard from Apex, both application and folder in Program Files. I still have Download Queque and beside this I saw a thing strange... Though the hubs are missing, it s open an upload slot, and somebody download FROM ME. If you can't tell me a solution for that I must tell you that I have an old favorite file but I don't know where to put it in Program files to run instantly in Apex when I open the application. It could be the cause that the electricity fall 3 times in 2 days, Apex running in backround? I will put some screenshots to see for yourself. I use the latest version of Apex, 1.3.8 on Windows 7 x64 Thank you Wainting for an answer Best regards