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  1. ApexDC++ 1.3.5 and 1.3.6 hangups

    Ok, I'd just like to report in. I downloaded StrongDC++ and that is working great. No problems at all. So I dont think its a problem with my computer. Also I dont think there is a problem on install considering I had tried reinstalling several times, including attempting to install with anti virus/firewall disabled. Im thinking there is just a problem with compatibility, obviously one of the features that is different from Strong (im to understand Apex = Strong + Extra Features). Also I dont think its the fast hashing causing the problem, first of all because I wasnt hashing when I had the problems in Apex, and because I'm using fast hashing in Strong and having no problems. For the idea about your hash size, i dont think it matters. I had only hashed 550GB when I started having issues. So for now on i'm gonna use strong, but I'll still try and help solve this issue.
  2. ApexDC++ 1.3.5 and 1.3.6 hangups

    Last night, I left Apex running again to check for stability and sure enough I woke up to find it restarted. Checked the event log, It crashed at 5:40am with the stop error 7a (Page file error). I just read all the minidump info. The ntstatus was a 185 (Device I/O error) and it was caused by svchost.exe. Ill post the full analysis as a text file in the attachment. Im also gonna try DLing 1.3.6 and see if I still have problems. Ok, so I reverted to the 1.3.6 client. It was very slugish for about 5 min after i started it, then was fine. I left it running while I was afk for 2 hours. It seemed fine when I got back, but then after about 20 min of using my computer it started bogging down again. I was reading a post earlier about someone having problems maximizing. For me the problem seems similar. Apex acts like it has run out of resources and is therefore bogging down, except in reality my only at 48% RAM usage and 20% CPU. Im gonna try using DC++ and see if it helps STOP ERROR DEBUG.txt
  3. ApexDC++ 1.3.5 and 1.3.6 hangups

    Thats not true. Just because my comp BSODs does not guarantee its a HW problem. Like I said, I only have problems while Apex is running, and my CHKDSK and MEMTEST is fine. Now back to my problem, while disabling the progress bars helped considerably. (no more BSODs =D) I still get sporadic system hangs. My best guess at the cause of this is that Apex hangs when waiting for the Network I/O, because its so heavily entwined in the Kernel process its also causing that to hang. Creating a long string of processes to queue up, and applications start freezing. About the progress bars, I just had the default ones enabled from when I first installed. I dont think it mattered how many progress bars were up. I only would have 3-6 at any given time. Im still very new to Apex as I just got it the day before yesterday. I have tried reinstalling now, with no success at fixing this. Thank you for the timely responses though. Also I'm running Windows 7 Professional x64, on a ASUS N51Vn-A1 Laptop.
  4. ApexDC++ 1.3.5 and 1.3.6 hangups

    I just got Apex the other day and I was having a similar issue. While Apex was running it would intermittently freeze, and windows would slow down to a crawl. Taking minutes to even open firefox, or a folder. Eventually, if I left my computer idle with Apex running it would eventually BSOD pointing to the NT Kernel. The STOP error was for a HDD fault. I tried opening the Win 7 Resource monitor, then run Apex to see what happened during the freezes. Everytime it froze the system would be only at 1-5% load and not much activity, and Apex was waiting for the network I/O. After messing around in the settings I noticed disabling Progress Bars decreases CPU load. I tried that and I havent had anymore problems. Im typing this whole post with Apex in the background, which before would be impossible. Try disabling progress bars and see if it helps your case. Also just another note. Ive noticed now in the progress bar that when ever Apex is running, the NT Kernel is using a huge load (20%), compared to 1-2% when Apex isnt running. That doesn't seem like a good thing.