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  1. Why do you prefer Direct Connect?

    The slowness of DC isnt really a factor for me as the network I am on is being run over our university network and so maintains an average speed of 350Kb/s or more. Also new content is spread pretty quickly, you have just got to remember who torrents what. Plus it makes for some interesting nights out when people some how recognise you in a club.
  2. Next Generation Video iPod?

    I agree. iPods are over priced underpowered fasion accessories, if you want a decent mp3 or video player stay well clear.
  3. [Support] Connection error [PWDC++0.4]

    probably the hub. had the same problem at my uni when the our network "support" changed the subnet settings.
  4. Why do you prefer Direct Connect?

    Because then i know who i'm downloading off and can chat to them and ask for help
  5. Skins

    hey i like that idea. specially as my orignal idea was shot down so horribly
  6. Skins

    Thanks, i'll shut up now
  7. Skins

    if thats true give a quick explanation of how i would do this
  8. Skins

    so you could add you own colour scheme for the backgrounds and your own icon sets, etc
  9. Skins

    could you make the client skinnable so people could modify it to suite their needs?