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  1. It seems I'm the only one with that problem, but for me after a while (1hr?) ApexDC wont show any toolbar icons. I have Win 2012 Server, the 64-bit version of ApexDC, and I exclusivly use it in a remote desktop session. I mean I can survive without the icons, but it works better with
  2. It seems the dht.xml is saved every minute, and it is 6mb, and is responsible for 70% of my SSD writes. Is there any way to reduce the frequency it is saved? ApexDC is stable enough for me to save it every hour or even just on shut down.
  3. Spam Filter in PM's

    I saw someone having this problem before... but there was no real answer how to fix it [19:07:36] ** Loaded antispam filter v1.3 ** [19:07:36] Antispam filter: HI! I will protect you from unwanted PM's. For more details, type: /antispam [19:07:36] LUA ERROR: ...\Scripts\antispam.lua:179: attempt to index global 'dcpp' (a nil value) I'm using latest apexdc++ 1.3.8 and latest plugins, and I guess antispam 1.3 is the latest one too... Ideas anyone?
  4. Wow I didn't noticed the checkbox, but I guess I must have pushed it at least once. The user with the endless TTH requests hasn't come back yet, I tried to msg him, but that failed. For now I just disconnected from his hub and it was quit. For the CPU load, I'm on about 20 hubs, but that doesn't seem to be the problem, at night time when its quiet and nobody transfers the load is 1%. At daytime with 20mbit transfers (uploads only) its 20-30%. I set maximum compression to 0 already, else it would close to 80%. Encryption isn't used by most clients, and I/O shouldn't cause CPU use. Well, maybe its protocol overhead. Or maybe a 2.4ghz P4 is just old and slow But again other P2P clients do more traffic with much less CPU. Maybe on a long winter night I compile it and run it in the profiler... Thanks for the checkbox help again :)
  5. I feel really stupid asking this question. I know I turned the user list off in the hub view a while ago, but I can't figure how to turn it back on. I don't know if its just late Friday and I'm blind...? Reason why: I've this user that asks for 10 TTH things per second, I guess files I dont have. It causes ApexDC to go 50-80% CPU all the time, and there seems to be no way to ban a user. I can disconnect him, but a few minutes later it starts again. Its going on for hours now. That leads to the next annoying thing, ApexDC seems to reset its priority back to normal all the time. If I decide in the task manager that an app should run in low priority I'd like that being respected. Now just to list all the things that bother me, why does ApexDC use so much CPU time? I thought its super optimized? My emule/utorrent upload 3x as much each, but use only 1/3 or 1/10 of the CPU time. Kinda disappointing. That's it, I love everything else about ApexDC, and thats really alot :)