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  1. Connection problem

    I have really a big problem with connection: I need to use PASSIVE as for some reason AphexDC++ is unable request for open port to OS like uTorrent does - when I start uTorrent my OS autmaticaly detect it try to open port(s), but when I do the same with AphexDC++ it does not and so I have real problems, why is that? :-( See: I did try allowing them manualy in my FW but no success but the same port is opened when I try it with uTorrent with no problem and even without any manual settings (as I said before my OS - Windows XP SP3 - detects it autmaitcaly), why can't you add the same "autorequest-port" functionality as seen in uTorrent, guys? :-(((
  2. Sort By File Extension

    OMG why there is no option to sort files by extension in download queue??? :-(((( Shouldn't be there automaticly? Like we have there some absurd colums like path, priority etc. by which you can sor files but no "file extension"??? unbelievable...and sad. except this AphexDC++ is absolutly the best client I ever saw - just improve this nonsense in the queue list...thanx in advance.
  3. Sort By FILE TYPE

    Hi Could you, please, add option SORT BY FILE TYPE to DOWNLOAD QUEUE window? Long ago in some old versions it was there now it's gone for a long time... :-(