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  1. Network/Connectivity Issues

    haha i dont mind, its humourous, and a little cute. but i do agree with lee, focus people! this is very important to me, i need DC very much so. its really fustrating to know that ISPs are so invasive with bandwidth usage, my ISP is making plenty of money. i researched a bit and read posts about how in the near future, ISP's in north america are trying to regulate the internet usage by a profiting scheme...but for now id just like to prolong my own connection as long as possible. ok this TLS...is similar to SSL servers? can someone provide me with guides/website where i can read about TLS and how to use it into DC? by the way, no matter what i try to do, i cannot forward the ports...i believe its all a part of the ISPs operation to control and monitor the bandwidth. i guess TLS or any other forms of network connection encryption is my only option. please continue to offer suggestions!!!!! another issue now, i think its related to this throttling. i'm getting auto-disconnected from hubs with the error message..." An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine" =(
  2. Network/Connectivity Issues

    thanks for taking some time to show me some guides. ive read some of them specifically the configurations but i am still trying to find some more direct answers/solutions for this issue. under the throttling, all it says is "if my ISP is throttling, there is nothing more you can do" but im sure some technically inclined users have found ways to bypass it, other than encryption. any more advice?
  3. Network/Connectivity Issues

    while i was searching around, i came across some ports that torrent users were suggested to use. 49152-60000 because these are private ports? not too sure but if you would care to share insight. right now i am still trying to port forward but it keeps giving me an error of "Illegal Port!" im sure you have had many people complaining about this. i'll be looking into some guides and more support threads but please take some time to help me or can you please direct me to a place where i can find a solution
  4. Network/Connectivity Issues

    Hey everyone, ok ill give you specs on my computer when someone replies this post, but i think this is straight-foward and a general problem most people might run into. At first when i installed everything worked perfectly but now when i connect, my hubs start disconnecting and i get error messages such as "remote host has closed" or "connection has been closed by the remote host". . Also if the hubs are operating smoothly, and i begin to dl, my speed would be optimal for every connection i open but then after 5 minutes all my connection speeds start to drop until they go below 500bits/sec. If anyone has ever had this problem or any technical support mods that can help me with this problem please reply as soon as possible. Thanks -- edit -- after looking at some threads i think its very possible that my ISP is throttling my activity. im trying to port forward but hopes have been shot down from my attempts of solving this problem with a port forward. when i enter ideal ports to forward with my LAN address being correct, it says "entered illegal port". I am using a SMC8041WG router that was provided by my ISP. I am guessing that the router's software/hardware is configured in favour of the ISP. Please take sometime to guide me through this !