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  1. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    Hi, Is there any possibility to save the current hub list? It would be useful to work with different hub settings. Ex: lets say I have a list of English hubs, one of danish and one of Russian hubs in my favorites. Then I can play around and set the default hub list at each start up for example. It would be nice to open them at startup without checking/un-checking the hubs every time I like to change the settings.
  2. Apex features question

    Hi apex experts, I am using apex for long now and I think its a great tool, but recently I wanted to delete my "User offline " marked objects and it took quite a long to select and delete each object; I just like to know if there is a possibility to select/delete by one click all objects that are marked "User offline". thanks dada17
  3. Apex features question

    Hi Lee, Thanks, I really appreciate. I cant wait for the new version ! ;)
  4. Apex features question

    Thanks, but I was referring to the objects that are being downloaded marked with the attribute (Status) "User offline" See the attachment as example