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  1. Refresh Function

    I am using different services and in that, they provide this kind of function means option. You need to just click on that option and it will automatically do the operation.
  2. Virtual Directories

    Accessing resources outside a user's home directory can be difficult on an FTP server.By default it requires a user know a significant amount about the directory structure of the server, and an administrator may not wish to add that level of complexity.You have asked nice question but at this time, I have no specific idea about it. I will also wait for the answer.
  3. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    ApexDC++ is an innovative Direct Connect client based on StrongDC++. It has nice features such as intelligent chunk spreading, PeerGuardian plugin, customisation, themes, and a brand new user friendly GUI. But, after hashing so many GBs I just forgot to plug in the 1 TB USB drive. Now it shows as 0 Share. I will have to wait for days before it hashes again, better to use torrents, or any other option. I don't like this kind of functionality.