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  1. Back to DC++ some years later...

    Well, i hadn't seen this option I'm actually seeing the DHT number increasing slowly Thank you very much !!! Sincerely, XZed
  2. Back to DC++ some years later...

    This night, i put my glasses again, and check it again, thanks !
  3. Back to DC++ some years later...

    Thank you very much for your answer In fact, i hope you understood my reasons : it wasn't "bad" intentions, i perfectly understand the "spirit" your explaining about... I simply wanted to increase my "search potential" OK, thank you very much for explanations about how hubs function ! Sincerely, XZed
  4. Back to DC++ some years later...

    Thank you very much for you answer ! I specified a port in "DHT/UDP" field that i natted (UDP) to my b0x... but the "DHT" field, on the bottom of the ApexDC++ window, stays empty ("DHT:-")... I checked many times all the network configuration (by the way, other NAT works...)... Is there any option to check/enable ? Thank you, Sincerely, XZed
  5. Hello everyone, I used DC++ protocol a few years ago, at its beginning... I always considered it as the best P2P software... Then, i left it during a few years... Now, for the 2K10 Year , i decided to use it again... But, i'm faced with the several changes : some DC++ clients unmaintained, new ones, etc.. So, i studied this and read a lot of articles and i decided to chose ApexDC++ client. Previously, i used to edit my favorites.xml file in order to auto-connect t o a huge number of hub. So i edited my favorites.xml file and added ~ 2300 hubs : the sum of the three best actual hublists... Yeah, i'm totally crazy...i know, but, in the old times, i already did it (with less hubs, it's right...). I don't care waiting a few minutes while it's launching and connecting to hubs : i want to access the maximum files i can (DC++ hadn't such success without its quantity of shared files...). But i'm faced with some problems : * i tried many DC++ clients : well, i can accept that it can be hard for them to launch it (+2000 hubs) : if some people try as me : which settings do you use to reduce charge ? * I tried to edit my favorites.xml file with different quantity of hubs : 200, 500, 1000 & +2000. My DC++ client doesn't connect to more than ~ 150 hubs (it varies from 100 to 200 hubs connected)... is there any hard limit ? I'm actually sharing +100 Go of data : it seems that it permits me accessing most of the hubs (am i right ?). So, i don't care about resources used : i want to access most of the hubs. So, anyone could explain if it's possible or not (and why/why not ?) ? Or does someone have a huge working favorites.xml (but how does it differ from mine ?) ? By the way, as an alternative to multiple hubs auto-connect, i found this : http://dcsearch.sitesled.com/ Does it really work ? Has someone already tried ? Thank you for your answers and for helping retrieve the best of DC++ protocol , Sincerely, XZed