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  1. +1 Also where is the search skiplist? This is so useful. Having an option to localise xml files to the /program files install directory. Apex is the first client ive used that wont let me install on a usb disk and run on any computer i want (while keeping all my hash data/favorites/queue/etc) I think the TTH auto search/match has a prob with it, i cant get my client to get multi sources. While other clients will fill my download slots in a few minutes, Apex is still downloading off one person 30 minutes later when there are 20+ open sources available across hubs. My tth search timer is on 5mins. Maybe its something im missing, i dunno.
  2. matter of opinion really, this is an efficiency feature.
  3. I have a copy of Apex installed but I don't actively use it because of one key missing feature. The file TTH matching for filelists doesn't follow its directory tree(background colour changing) and I cant see an option for it at all. I see the 'dont download files already in share' checkbox and the colour/text option to change TTH matches for files. But no 'background' colour matching option anywhere like the other clients. Please consider implementing this into the next release. (you will get at least 1 dedicated user if you do xD) Heres an example from another client. ive set dark gray for partial file match, light for identical match and no change (black) for no matches within folder. I cut out filenames in-case it was against forum rules. Keep it real folks. -BiGs