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  1. Individual hashing... X and Y X - HDD have sand Y - HDD have have water instead of refreshing both, allow user to chooose between X or Y.. FulDC++ and AirDC++ have this function. hope we all get my point here..lol
  2. just want to mention that my previous post are here to propose a future not beeing here to get back questions like: " why we need this future etc" i propose futures thats already been inplanted in other clients. but unfortunately there aint a 100% complete client with all this good function combined too one. HDD free/total is nice little function, and should not bee to hard get in there? fulDC, DC++,AirDC++, StrongDC? have this function.. :thumbsup: aloso after beeing testin the client iv noticed that DUPLICATE folders are not implanted only duplicate files!! maybe add this to v2.0??? also subdirectories in folders are kind of hard too see, atleast with black background..if this is posible to get a fix for? keep up good work! //onkel

    HEY, wher eis the hash file stored so i can take backup etc? i cant find fav file either :S
  4. 1) HDD free/total 2) dupe files is already in client but not dupe folders! 3) search a site for content from lines in mainchat , search trough imdb, tv,com or any site u want(user have to add himself)
  5. copy from search

    hey i get a issiue while copy release/hit from a search in the 64bit version. correct me if im in wrong topic here :stuart: //onkel
  6. search movies from share

    yes offcourse , u can add ur own sites etc, but the function is the same :stuart:
  7. another request here, there is a function in good old FulDC when you to browse a mans share you can right click and "search for" the release on tex. imdb or tvrage to see what kind of movie/tv show this is. moviename.2005.1080p.BluRay.x264-gropname, and searches this tex. is this somthing? also search a movie from a chat while right clicing on the release/movie and then do a search after the text in a chat main/private. if a user pastes a movie name in a chat or release name, u can clic aboue this and search for that moviename.2005.1080p.BluRay.x264-gropname, and searches this tex. i dont know if i get u readers to understand, feedbacks and i explain closer if needed. //onkel
  8. Client problems

    guess there was some bug maybe, reinstaled now :(
  9. Client problems

    hey, is there a function that allows the ApexDC not! to be on top all other programs, i have to minimize everytime i gona go on my firefox?/msn ? //onkel
  10. Refresh Function

    hey, what about a refresh function that allows you to refresh individual folders. like folder: ZZZ and a folder YYY are in a share, you have 10tb each here or alot of smaler files. this can take time and power . fulDC have option that allows you to refresh only folder ZZZ, is this somthing to add here?
  11. free/total hard drive capasity

    i agree. total/free is also on DC++ now, and AirDC.. add to this too :(
  12. Dupe files/folders

    Hey, i see that the client have a future that checks if you already share the file you are browseing on another users filelist, can this future expand to check whole folders? mainly releases today have 90files inside them (rared scene releases) and so on, check files inside each folder if its already exists is kind a hard. this is maybe future to add?