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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.1

    nice birthday gift been grippin of the 0.40 for too long now :thumbsup:
  2. i found the solution: dsl users' download is choked when upload throttles. so all you have to do is enable the "send garbage" option under advanced. that's it! :D
  3. ;) there's no such thing as a perfect dc++ client i want to have "remove file from queue" option on the download progress bars and i also want to be able to sort "favorite hubs" and "favorite users", since i usually type in the description the maximum number of users on the hub ow and btw i switched from peerweb to apex and now all the files in queue say "no users to download from" that sorta pulled my ni-pulz since i have a 7000 files queue thanx