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  1. [1.3.5] crash access violation

    Here's what I get after having to hash my entire share. Never had this with 1.3.4 : Code: c0000005 (Access violation) Version: 1.3.5 (Aug 3 2010) Major: 6 Minor: 1 Build: 7600 SP: 0 Type: 1 Time: 2010-08-11 02:36:50 TTH: AYUINV3SBS4QBKHXSLN3PXQJM3RMZXXQK5Z7J6A c:\data\svn\1.3.x\client\hashmanager.cpp(193): ? 0x0378DE18: ?
  2. I got two users who both have rather large filelists. When downloading their filelists with Apex, it finishes downloading, then it "opens" the lists, and then it just disappears without showing it. When I download their lists with DC++, I can tell that one of them is sharing 2.204.486 files, the filelist itself is 84.76 MB. The other user is sharing an amazing 2.499.300 files, his list alone is 93.46 MB. Since they both add files rapidly, I hope you can do something to solve this issue. Keep up the good work :whistling:
  3. 1.3.4 connection detection ?

    Since the update to 1.3.4 I see users with speeds in the connection collumn, they show what they entered as their connection type. When someone uses their bandwidth limiting though, the number doesn't match the limiter. When I limit speed at 3kb/s with DC++0.762, Apex shows 384KiB/s. When I limit at 10kb/s, Apex shows 1.25MiB/s. Since I was using the connection collumn to see who was using/abusing their bandwidth limiter, I was hoping there's a fix for this thing in the next release ? I'm kinda used to knowing who's using their speedlimiters ya know. A choice in this would have been nice, but I assume that's not gonna happen.
  4. Old Style Logging

    Got it, thanks. A link to would have been helpful, but I found it myself....
  5. Old Style Logging

    How does one switch it to old style there ?
  6. Old Style Logging

    The new way that Apex is logging chats is a bit of a problem to me. It happens to me a lot that I have to look back a certain part from a certain user, it would work fine when searching through one large .txt file per user, with the timestamps enabled. With the new way of logging however, it creates new log files every month, in subfolders, so I have to check a bunch of .txt files individually. Could something like an oldstyle logging option be added ? (By the way, I'm not sure wether this is an Apex feature or a new DC++ thing.)
  7. When I'm in several hubs, my client often downloads files from one user through two or more hubs, using an equal number of slots from that person. In my situation, these users use the same nick on several hubs, but it also happens when they use different nicks. They also use a static port for their router setup, and so do I. Still I keep downloading multiple files from a single user, and it annoys them a lot. Is there a way to prevent this from happening ?
  8. Download only from single source

    When I have this same situation happen, I first disable this feature : "Automatically search for alternative TTH source every .. minutes", and then I select all unwanted download sources from the downloads part at the bottom of the screen, rightclick and choose "remove user from queue". Works fine for me. Goodluck ;)
  9. How to prevent forced upgrade ?

    I use Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, on a server containing an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200, 8GB of Crucial Ballistix ram, and an Asus P5Q-Premium motherboard. (see attachment) At this moment the total shared size is 16.74TB, and it's growing every day. The total number of shared files is over 382.000, which is relatively low because about 10TB is files of an average 4GB each (DVDs) I have a little more than 1GB in my downloadqueue at the moment, the total memory usage at this very moment is 545MB, while not doing a lot. During hashing it goes up rapidly, with peaks around 1080MB. I have installed the recent upgrade 1.3.3 without any problems. (Well, maybe just one problem. I queued up a folder of 433GB, containing 100.000 mp3 files. It made Apex freeze for more than an hour, but after that hour it would still run. Apex did crash a lot after that, even when just sending a simple PM to someone. I guess I overdid it a little on that folder, I removed it from queue again, and no probs since.) A buddy of mine used Apex 1.3.1 for a while, he had a lower share size, about 7.8TB, but the total number of files was well over 1.5 million, his memory usage was considerably higher, when doing not much, he was using around 900MB, and during hashing it would go up fast. He had problems with hashing and rehashing all the time, his Apex would simply crash and freeze during hashing, especially when the memory usage would go over 1024MB. He was using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit as well. I can't give any more info from that corner as he's no longer using it. By the way, the initial question for this post is no longer relevant, so this topic might as well be closed if you ask me. Do I need to do that myself ? I'm still a bit of a noob to this forum ;)
  10. Logging

    Hi all. I was wondering, Apex is logging everything into subfolders named by month. Is there a way to make it log like the normal DC++ would, like everything in single log files ? I would find it a lot easier to search for specific things if there was just one log file per user, instead of one per user per month. Especially when I'm trying to find things that were longer ago. Maybe I'm overseeing an option somewhere, or perhaps should I put this in the feature requests part ?
  11. How to prevent forced upgrade ?

    I have downloaded 1.3.2 again, and for unclear reasons it seems stable this time. I don't know why it wasn't stable when I tried it the other day. I remember it would crash during hashing. I have a filelist of more than 16TB, maybe the size was the problem ? Anyway, forget about it, no use to dig into it at this point as I can't tell anything clear about the crashes. So far 1.3.2 is stable. I'll report any crashes when I see 'em.
  12. How to prevent forced upgrade ?

    I ain't saying it's not working, I'm saying I'm having problems with it which I prefer to avoid by sticking to 1.3.1 All I'm asking is how to block that forced upgrade.
  13. How to prevent forced upgrade ?

    I have been using 1.3.1 on my W7 64bit for some time, without serious problems. However, I tried 1.3.2 and I got like 4 crashes in one hour. I would like to stick with 1.3.1 until a version higher than 1.3.2 becomes available, but since a couple of days the forced upgrade doesn't leave me any choice but to quit Apex. Is there a way to prevent the forced upgrade from happening ? Maybe like blocking a link in my firewall ? (if so, what link do I block, or where do I remove/adjust anything in the .xml files etc ?) I really like Apex, but 1.3.2 is not working for me. Any help is appreciated.