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  1. Linux version?

    that the linux progress updates or lack of, or any info relevant to the linux only side of the client be posted in this topic, which is probably the topic all the linux users are watching or a specific linux section so as not to confuse people.
  2. Linux version?

    dont mean to come across as a twat here but might it not be an idea to post in this topic with further updates with regard to the linux client, why would a linux user read a windows client release info ? there hasnt been a single linux release nevermind a ( Released: ApexDC++ 0.3.0 (Preview 3), Major update ) just an idea.
  3. Linux version?

    thanks for taking the time to reply..... i wont bother to post again, bye
  4. Linux version?

    As lee said above (cheers lee tongue.gif) i have volunteered to take a look at the current source and see what i can do. To this end i am afraid i cannot give you much of an update, other then what i have just said. TBH, other things have been going on. I have not been able to have a proper look at the source. However i indend to keep to lee's dead line, which i calculate as 01/11/06 11:53AM BST. smile.gif its now past that date is there any news please ?