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  1. AML ADL RAR hubs

    Hehe, i was hoping you could give me some more tips For example release name for the compatible ADL, like HS.ANTi-RaR.v1.8.6-0ndjultomte, or even better to whom i should talk to
  2. AML ADL RAR hubs

    I know, i am aware of that. Is there maybe any other similar ADL for RAR hubs compatible with ApexDC?
  3. AML ADL RAR hubs

    Could somebody please update those links? Thanx in advance
  4. Problem with installing the LUA plugin

    Thank so much for your help. It was more than useful Last lua client i used was DCDM++, so i thought ApexDC++ would have a script editor/manager just like DCDM++.
  5. Hello guys! I have the following issue. I downloaded the latest ApexDC++ 32bit version (1.3.1). Then i downloaded the plugins from this thread . I then went to ApexDC++'s settings & installed the LUA plugin. I got the message at the bottom of the client that the plugin was installed & that i needed to restart. I restarted my client, but i can't find anywhere in the menu a script manager etc. nor can i find in ApexDC++'s folder the startup.lua file etc. Am i doing something wrong? I tried this with both the installer & the binary version of ApexDC++. And i also tested under XP & Vista. The other plugin, Media Player plugin, works fine though. If somebody could help me, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.