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  1. Literal search?

    Is there a way to search for a text string? Here is an example of the problem. I search for On and On. I get Sand Onion. While interesting, the results are not very helpful. Is there a way to make a literal character search like 'on and on '? Thanks in advance, Tack
  2. I upgraded from strongDC to Apex 1.3.4. So far, so good. The downloads are scattered into several files: Some go into the old Strong DC directory. Some go into the incomplete directory when they are finished. Some go into a "downloaded" directory inside the "incomplete" folder. I did not create the "downloaded" directory. NONE go into the directory specified under the Downloads tab in settings. The download que shows as several file tabs rather than one tab. See the attached jpg to see what I mean. So, my question is this. What old configuration files do I need to find and delete? Will that be enough to move the download queue files into a single folder? Thank you in advance! Tack
  3. Upgrade from Strong DC

    I renamed the old dcppboot.xml file and restarted Apex. I opened the download que pane, right clicked on the file list, and selected move/rename. I then showed Apex where the incomplete files were (in the apexdc++(1.34)/incomplete folder
  4. Upgrade from Strong DC

    Thank you for your answer. How would I tell if I installed dcppboot.xml with the setup file? I scanned the system and found old dcppboot.xml files, but did not find one created today? Does that mean dcppboot was not created from this install? If it was not created, what should I do? If it was, and I couldn't find it, where would I find the User/AppData hidden folder?
  5. Upgrade from Strong DC

    That did not work. The files were in the settings folder, and Apex does not appear to have one. Part of the problem is I'm trying to upgrade from StrongDC ver 2.3 to Apex 1.34. Perhaps I have to upgrade to Apex 1.23 and then upgrade step at a time. The old Apex files post a warning and wont install. A little help from the authors would be great! Is there a file list that points Apex at the appropriate files?
  6. I installed 1.3.4 The install found some incomplete files from StrongDC and installed them in the incomplete folder. I thought that was really smart! It found some, but not all of the incomplete files. Unfortunately, the files do not appear in the download queue when I open ApexDC. Is there a way to get the rest of the incomplete files and install them (files, sources, start date...) in the in the incomplete folder so they are recognized and put in the download queue? I'd hate to loose them. I can transfer the hub registration data, but is there a way to also transfer the list of favorite users? I found and will try this. Find the following files depending on what you want to save: queue.xml (downloads) dcplusplus.xml (settings - not recommended, since conflicts can occur) favourites.xml (favourite users) hashdata.data and hashindex.xml (share hash data) adlsearch.xml (adl search preferences) profiles.xml (client detection rules) Thanks in advance, Tack
  7. One reason NOT to change/upgrade to ApexDC is the incomplete files from another application. What if the file transfer were as simple as a cut and paste of the old file incomplete files into the ApexDC folder? Apex could look for unregistered files in the incomplete file on startup. This transfer would be a huge help even if I lost the users list. I could also hope for transfering hub logins and favorite users too?