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  1. adc q

    I've looked around and found some changelogs regarding adc development, but it all seems kinda alien to me right now. Could someone fill me in with the basics regarding differences between the old nmdc protocol and this one...pretty please ? And one more q: is adc the standard now? or are there multiple devs trying to combat the mess from nmdc and complementary hubsofts?
  2. Intro

    Hy guys, i've been in and out of dc++ for a few years now and i cant find myself to put it aside for good . It's been a loooooong time since i played a part in a p2p community, so sorry if i feel a bit rusty. I'd like to have a taste of what dc++ has become in these years and wonder at this thing called adc(feels a bit strange from what i remember, hmm ) . Anyway, i hope peeps are still as live and dandy as i used to know 'em . If my introduction seems a bit "off", don't judge me harsh, in real life i'm as "off" as they get :w00t: .