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  1. Invalid TestSUR Detected

    after messing with it a bit longer i realized a clean installation does not have any client profiles pre-loaded. I have settings from versions past on my main machine lurking around. the list it's supposed to load from links to a sourceforge page without files. i just deleted the profiles since i can't seem to find a current version of the aml client list
  2. Invalid TestSUR Detected

    i decided to try using the fake detector... every user that i check returns the error "Invalid TestSUR Detected" are my settings messed up? is my connection weirding out? i have a second computer on my lan connected to the hub using apex with no share, and i get that error message checking that user as well. edit: i think something's messed up in my settings... seems to work fine on another computer with a fresh install... what would be the easiest way to reset the settings associated with the fake detector?
  3. "All Download Slots Taken" Problem

    disable the "Don't begin new segment if over file speed is over" setting
  4. russian characters

    aw, sad. thanks anyway
  5. "All Download Slots Taken" Problem

    in settings under 'downloads' and then 'queue' what are your segment settings set at?
  6. "All Download Slots Taken" Problem

    it could very well be that all the other people sharing that file have no available upload slots
  7. russian characters

    this might be a dumb question... but is there a way for me to see russian characters instead of the strange vowels that windows replaces them with?
  8. are you on a university network?
  9. Files going to wrong Folder

    you mentioned you're using windows 7... if you have user access control enabled make sure the folders you are downloading to can have new files added to them by non-admins
  10. Cannot download any hublists

    what kind of error are you getting? something like this? Download failed: HTTP/1.0 504 (
  11. Problems with ApexDC and wireless connection

    put it in passive mode just to test... also many hubs require registration to search
  12. GUI becomes unresponsive

    Hello, After upgrading to 1.3.1 my GUI will periodically freeze and stop responding. After this happens hovering my mouse over the window causes it to show the 'processing' icon as if the program is busy with something. It happens about once a day, originally i thought it only happens at night when I'm away from the computer, but I've also seen it happen while I'm at the computer working on another program. I'm running win7 32-bit on a laptop with UAC turned on, and apex is not running as an elevated user. I really enjoy using apex, and the only main problems I have with it is this and the change to 'minimize to tray'. Thanks in advance.