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  1. Cannot download any hublists

    Nope...still nothing This is very it possible my ISP could be blocking EVERY hublist out there?! :(
  2. Cannot download any hublists

    Hey Toast, Mek asked me about Coral Network and i responded to it earlier in the post with the response above....but i'll try it again just for you Also, i have just installed Win7 i'll redownload the client now and see if it works with this new install, never know...could have been a glitch with my previous XP install Thanks :thumbsup:
  3. Cannot download any hublists

    Yeah i found that one out haha Those links work in my browser, but they don't work in the client still Running out of ideas....:thumbsup:
  4. Cannot download any hublists

    Ok well thanks all for your seems that noone else has any. Gonna go to DC++ forums and see if they have any solutions for their client. I'll continue watching this topic for any updates Thanks again. Court:stuart:B)
  5. Cannot download any hublists

    Yes, i got that error on that particular hublist (or something similar..) But, when i try downloading other hublists...they just don't download and stay on "download hublist....." for ages and ages and don't do anything. Same when i try to refresh. The hublists i test with are online because i can download them with my browser...just not in the client..:P
  6. Cannot download any hublists

    Anyone else got any advice? lo. Thanks for your help Mek :w00t:
  7. Cannot download any hublists

    Lol, the box is empty....if i have no proxy server for regular HTTP browsing then i shouldn't need one for Hublists correct?
  8. Cannot download any hublists

    Hi, I am not behind any kind of proxy server to my knowledge, i use no proxy for my internet browser either; for firefox or for IE. I recently changed my ISP and they have given me no Proxy settings to use and i havn't set one myself either.
  9. Cannot download any hublists

    Anyone? I'm pulling my hair out here lol
  10. Cannot download any hublists

    Hi, Mek. Thanks for the reply. Corel Network is currently disabled.....I have tried it Enabled and Disabled, still no result :P
  11. Cannot download any hublists

    Hi, First the technicals.... Windows XP Pro sp3 x86 24mbit ADSL2 DLINK DSL-2740R Router (wired) ApexDC++ 1.3.1 Plenty of HDD space Virus and Spyware free Now the problem (lol) I cannot download any hublists at ALL. Not even the popular and reliable "" lists. The lists i have tried to download, i have entered the URL into my browser also and they download manually...just not into the DC++ clients (I also have the same problem with DC++). I CAN quick connect to hubs by entering an address manually...thats not a problem. TCP/UDP Ports are forwarded and IP is correct, I have no software/router firewalls and Windows Firewall is disabled (Off and Unticked). I have read several guides, tutorials and forums over and over again (despite having used xDC++ clients in the past) to try and find a solution, but still nothing. Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks :w00t: