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  1. Ban files

    Come to think of it, this feature could be great while being an op too. Since the op function that checks the filelists of users and such could then also warn when encountering a banned TTH. The hubs I am op on currently does this using bots, but the usual situation is that they are unruly since they are not properly integrated with either clients not servers and in many hubs they search for words. Disguised/rewritten files are thus not found. TTH matching in the client would make it easier for the grunt ops while also decreasing the chances of false-positives. An op would not download all files in order to figure out whether they are a bannable offence of course, so entering the TTH to be banned manually should be possible. Preferably a multiline input box so you can enter several TTHs, one per line. And a listing function that lets you copy the list easily. Sources for TTH ban lists would then be yourself, other ops, bitzi and users reporting bannable files to the ops. Yep, this is my OP wish :thumbsup:
  2. Ban files

    Sometimes you happen to download a file that you really never want to see again, be it a fake/mislabeled file, virus, illegal content or goatse. In most cases these files are mislabeled or not possible to recognize from filename alone, the TTH cant catch everything but it can make sure you atleast dont go into the same trap twice. Searching for pictures of your favourite cars and then getting goatse every few days is not really a nice thing. The ability to right-click a file in finished downloads list and select "Delete File and Ban TTH" would be really nice. The ban should make sure that you never can download those TTHs again, possibly have them colored red in search and filelistings or something. Probably the ban list should make sure you never share such files aswell, but since these are files you never ever want to see again that is probably not needed if people have a bit of knowledge of what they share in the first place. PS: 64bit version is great, good work guys!