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  1. Plugins for ApexDC++

    Thnx,Mek for replying promptly,appreciates
  2. Plugins for ApexDC++

    Hi,thnx for the plugins,installed fine on my win7(x64)-build 7600! I tested the windows media fine,but i did encounter problems with the mediaplayer-classic. I get this message in Apexdc++ v1.3.1:*** Supported version of Media Player Classic is not running I tried various version,but dont know which is the right one to load?I installed the ones from Klite codec packs. The version I tried is as follows: 1.Klite codec pack V.5.0.0-Mpc v. 2.Klite codec pack v.5.6.1-mpc home cinema 1.3.1458 3.klite codec pack v.5.7.0-mpc home cinema 1.2.1008 mpc home cinema 1.3.1590 mpc regular Could u be so kind as to help me in this matter.All your help appreciated!!!