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  1. Digitally signed binaries

    I feels quite unsafe, when I get a warning saying the binary cannot be verified in any OS. Have you guys thought about doing a signed release of the software binaries? Apparently, you could get free code signing certificate from CERTUM for windows,as mentioned in this article http://pete.akeo.ie/2011/11/free-code-signing-certificate-for-open.html . It would be great if you guys plan to sign the code and avoid the moment of suspicion that raise during installation.
  2. Chat History

    I didn't notice it. That was cool... btw the autocomplete suggestions from history in both search and chat .
  3. Chat History

    It would be nice if whatever we typed in chat windows are remembered and when we press the up/down arrow keys it shows a list of chat messages that were sent recently. It helps in saving the time for retyping a message having a typo. It would be even cooler if ApexDC++ suggests few or all messages from the history that are matching the first few characters as we type in the chat input window .
  4. Double Click Tab to Close

    When i double clice a tab it moves to another tab and comes to the original tab immediately. Instead it would be cool if we could choose the double click action to close the tab or even better there could be a shortcut mapping settings for any particular action.