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  1. Not working, requires additional file "libsimplepickle.lua"
  2. No, I mean setup humane password on private message receiving, as anti-spam feature. Message will be delivered to me only if sender can answer on simply human question, for example: "How many is two plus zero ?", correct answer is "two".
  3. Feature Request: password on private messages.
  4. Spam Filter in PM's

    Thank you, now all works ok. But, log.lua and uptime.lua from your startup.lua are absent in standart plugin installation set (). I found them in BCDC++ package, but... log.lua is not worked in ApexDC++. Can you help me, where i can find BCDC++ lua scrips ported to ApexDC++ ?
  5. Spam Filter in PM's

    Antispam filter - v1.3 (all Filter???.txt is defaults). DC cleint - ApexDC++ 1.3.1 (x86) LUA Plugin - lua5.1.dll - lua51.dll - startup.lua - Error is generated every time on ApexDC++ startup. /as and /antispam commands are not worked - P.S.: Can you post your startup.lua file? May be this is cause of accident.
  6. Spam Filter in PM's

    Error occurs in antispam filter: All setting is defaults. No modifies in filter*.txt files. Startup.lua file contains only: