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  1. [1.3.0; 1.3.1] Crash when browsing some file list

    So.. This is the one of file lists that sometimes causes crash: 123.EFLYAM3QA2YJJASLX4NAO4N2WUU6KVF3YBEOO2Y.xml P.S. I prefer "Get file list" too, but "Browse file list" is a default command :)
  2. Hello! Since I have installed ApexDC++ 1.3.0 it crashes sometimes (without error messages) when I click on some item in the file list. This problem is present in version 1.3.1 too. However, ""Get file list" mode" works correctly. So, this problem takes place when I get file list by "Browse file list" command. What do You think about it?