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  1. ApexDC++ Translations

    Russian translation for ApexDC++ 1.3.1. The translation is not always ideal, but I do not aspire to this, let the official translators working on this. The main thing all visible and understandable. Russian 1.3.1.xml
  2. DHT в ApexDC++

    Почитал понятно, что ничего не понятно. Что-то вроде глобального поиска, тогда вопрос, а нафига он нужен если качаю все равно с тех хабов на которых сижу. Просто чтоб было.
  3. DHT в ApexDC++

    Вопрос может глупый, но все же задам. Зачем а ApexDC++ нужна функция DHT я так понимаю она актуальна в торрентах. Объясните желательно, без понтов, что она дает в DC и есть ли смысл в ее использовании.
  4. ApexDC++ Translations

    You can lay out a new file of the original translation
  5. ApexDC++ Translations

    Last update Russian translation for ApexDC++ 1.3.0. Changed translation of some lines. While I think enough will be waiting for release, and officially translate. NEW VERSION AVAILABLE
  6. ApexDC++ Translations

    Updated Russian translation for ApexDC++ 1.3.0. If I find time, I'll do a translation program more carefully. I hope my work will help the official translators for the Russian language. If you find an errors saying I'll fix. Good luck . NEW VERSION AVAILABLE
  7. ApexDC++ Translations

    diabolik2186 Just downloaded the file Italian_Language.xml from your last post of these lines are not found, can file old
  8. ApexDC++ Translations

    ApexDC++ 1.3.0 translation changelog. Added strings <String Name="AllowNatTraversal">Allow NAT Traversal for connections with passive users</String> <String Name="DirectoryIsHidden">Directory is hidden</String> <String Name="HublistCacheCorrupted">Cached hub list is corrupted or unsupported...</String> <String Name="HublistDownloadCorrupted">Downloaded hub list is corrupted or unsupported...</String> <String Name="ManageGroups">Manage Groups</String> <String Name="Message">Message</String> <String Name="SettingsDhtPort">DHT/UDP</String> <String Name="SettingsUpdateIp">Update IP on DHT firewall check (approx. every hour)</String> <String Name="SettingsMaxFilelistSize">Max Filelist size</String> <String Name="SslError">SSL Error</String> <String Name="TargetFileExists">File already exists at the target location</String> <String Name="TooLargeList">Greater than maximum filelist size</String> <String Name="Update">Update</String> <String Name="UploadQueue">Upload queue</String> <String Name="UseDht">Publish shared files on DHT and use it for searching alternate sources</String> <String Name="HideAntivir">Run as hidden</String> <String Name="DotHiddenFiles">Treat files with a leading dot as hidden (unix like hidden files)</String> <String Name="PsrFinishedDelay">Keep finished files available for partial searches (min)</String>
  9. Translators needed

    I can translate it into Russian.
  10. ApexDC++ Translations

    Russian language for ApexDC + + 1.3.0 adapted file from version 1.2.2, added new items and deleted the old ones, and so on has changed a few little things that do not remember. I tried doing the file transfer is close to EN_Elemple.xml. Well, that all the inscriptions to be seen. Small changes from 04.03.2010 NEW VERSION AVAILABLE