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  1. Media Players Plugin 1.10

    Thank you...I was already starting to miss the functionality after a day:)
  2. Enable/Disable Multi-Source Button in Taskbar

    Haha thanks for the support. Yeah I meant the toolbar I mention that in an edit at the end of my post. And yes, there are some users using DC++ .401 or so on the private hubs at our school . I'm glad to get a positive response...I was kinda afraid because I made a feature request on the utorrent forums a while back and got flamed for having apparently the dumbest idea of all time. Thanks for making the experience more enjoyable here:D
  3. Sorry if this has been requested before, but I wasn't able to find it when I searched. It seems that making a button to enable/disable multi-source would be useful for times when you find a file which is perhaps shared by one person who happens to take a while to reconnect to while getting numerous segments. Therefore, upon finding this file, you could quickly turn off segmented downloading and then turn it back on after you have the file. This can already be done by just going to settings I know, but I think it might be a useful toolbar button for those of us who tend to use this feature often (I change it back and forth maybe 5 or 6 times a day). Thanks:P Edit: Sorry for the title, I meant toolbar.