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  1. searchable offline filelists

    I've actually been wanting a feature like this for a long time... I have over 800 file lists across about 10 hubs saved on my computer, and I find myself constantly running queue matches on certain rarities I'm downloading, hoping to find other rarities of the same type, and usually I actually find them... and get them downloaded when the users sign back on. The problem with this is, it's time consuming. Very time consuming. I can't see too many people needing this sort of feature, but for private hubbers who archive certain things, it would be a god-send. If nothing more, this would be extremely useful for grabbing TTHs so Apex can run searches for them while you're idling.
  2. Currently in the Download queue, Upload queue, Finished Downloads and Finished Uploads tabs, you cannot select multiple files/directories. In the Download queue and Upload queue tabs, you can select multiple files within the directories, but not the directories themselves. It would be nice to be able to cancel, move or change the priority of multiple directories at a time in the Download queue and Upload queue tabs, as well as clear multiple finished files at a time in Finished Downloads and Finished Uploads, without actually clearing everything at once from right click -> Remove all, or doing it manually with your delete key/arrow keys.
  3. Basically I just want to be able to readd sources for multiple files at any given time. Currently you have to right click every single file to do it, which can be tiresome when you're dealing with a directory that contains, say, 100 files. It would also be nice to be able to readd sources for entire directories, just by right clicking the folder.
  4. Non-transparent breakers in 1.3.0

    I'm using Vista 64-bit with Aero turned off.
  5. Non-transparent breakers in 1.3.0

    Why are the window breakers not transparent anymore? I use a black background in Apex, and now I have all these white vertical lines where all the breakers are. This wasn't a problem in the last version. Here's a screen shot: http://i45.tinypic.com/mwecxv.jpg Can this be fixed through settings?